CM STAR Netball League – Membership Form

CM STAR Netball League – Membership Form

Before completing a membership form, please contact us to register your interest.  Once a place has been offered you will be contacted to complete the membership form.

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    We take our health and safety responsibilities seriously in line with the policies set by England Netball and other statutory bodies. We require your co-operation to ensure that we are able to discharge our duties appropriately.

    Netball is a contact sport and players may get injured during training or a match. For the safety of its members it is essential that the club maintains up to date emergency contact information and medical records that may apply should a player fall ill or be involved in an accident whilst under the supervision of the club.

    No player will be allowed to participate in a training session or match unless the club holds this information.

    If emergency contact or medical information change it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the club, in writing, of any change.

    Our coaches are also qualified first aiders. Accident records are completed for all injuries and records are kept at our training venues and held by coaches on match days. If a player is involved in an accident an incident form will be completed to record what happened and the treatment given. Head injuries are immediately reported to parents on a ‘Head Injury Form, for monitoring purposes or in case follow up action is required.

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    Both parents and children are expected to comply with the England Netball Codes of Conduct, England Netball Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations and to the England Netball rules.

    If your daughter behaves in a way that puts the reputation of the club or the health and safety of themselves or anyone else at risk e.g. going off alone, their coach will remind your child of the Code of Conduct and take appropriate measures to reduce any further risk to your child.

    If such behaviour is repeated or judged to be extreme or puts themselves or others at significant risk it may be necessary to end their membership of the Club. If this occurs you will be notified.

    The behaviour policy and code of conduct can be found at:

    Please ensure your daughter has read and agrees to abide by the Player’s Code of Conduct. Anyone failing to abide by these codes or the club policies will risk having their membership terminated.

    The behaviour policy and code of conduct can be found at:

    Anyone failing to abide by these codes or the club policies will risk having their membership terminated.

    CMSAUK LTD adopts the England Netball Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball Policy in full.

    The Club’s Safeguarding Officer is Jodie Evans. Should you have a concern with regard to your child’s safety, please contact Jodie Evans at

    I have read and understood the Club’s safeguarding policy and what to do in the event of any incident affecting my child’s welfare

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    When participating in Netball activities, you agree that you/your child remove ALL jewellery including any form of piercing, bracelets, necklaces and rings prior to attending matches. Hair must be tied back, nails cut short to the tip of the finger and appropriate footwear to play netball must be worn. CMSAUK reserve the right to exclude any individual on health and safety grounds who does not adhere to the above. All children MUST bring a filled water bottle with them.

    We recommend that any valuable items are not brought to the matches. If they are, they are at the participants own risk. CMSAUK will not be responsible or liable for any loss/damage or theft of any valuables.

    Mobile phones are strictly prohibited from being used during the entire activity time and we strongly advise that they should be put away.

    We play in the rain. Where the location is outdoors and it rains, please make sure you/your child wear weather appropriate kit/clothing. The safety and wellbeing of your children is our paramount priority and therefore if the match is cancelled due to it being deemed unsafe to play or due to inclement weather, a rescheduled match will be offered.

    CMSAUK LTD ensure the welfare and safety of all young people in sport. We will not permit photographs, videos or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the parents, guardians or children. CMSAUK LTD would like to occasionally provide you with updates and photos from your daughter’s training, and participation in league matches and tournaments.

    Only the identified coaches and parents will be allowed to do this and photos will be for CMSAUK LTD use only. All girls and staff will comply with any photography regulations in place for leagues or tournaments. In addition official photographs may be taken of your child at tournaments CMSAUK LTD adopts England Netball’s policy that young players are not named in photographs, personal details are never published and will only authorise use in suitable clothing. I grant only CMSAUK LTD the right to use the images mentioned above for all general purposes, including the website, in relation to the work of CMSAUK LTD.

    We are committed to the development of the club based on the principles of fairness, respect and inclusion.

    This data is for use solely by the club in its work on diversity and inclusion.

    Once the membership form has been successfully submitted, we will then contact you to allocate your child their team. Once you have been allocated your child's team you will need to email where you will be able to notify us of your child’s dress and hoodie size.

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