Terms and conditions


Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing to hand along with a bottle of water, correct footwear and, for football, shin pads.

Rainy Days and Inclement Weather

Where the location is outdoors and it rains, please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing to hand, along with a bottle of water, shin pads (where necessary) and correct footwear.

If the rain is very bad, we will go under shelter where we can discuss theory, to enable your child to have an even better understanding of the game.

If the venue cancels due to inclement weather, neither a refund nor a session credit can be given.

Food & Drink

Children may bring a mid-morning snack (must be nut and sesame free) to camps.  Children should bring a bottle of water.

First Aid & Medical Conditions

I consent to application of plasters and antiseptic creams for minor injuries and/or any emergency medical treatment necessary for my child.

I confirm that I have filled in any medical details when booking and that my child will bring any medical equipment that he or she requires e.g. inhaler.


I consent to photos being taken of my child strictly for marketing and advertising purposes on a no names basis.

If you would not like your child to be included in photos, please email us.


Your place is not reserved until payment is received.

Unaccompanied Children

CMSAUK LTD and its staff cannot accept any responsibility for unaccompanied children before drop off and after pick up times.


No refunds are given.
However in the instance that a coaching session is cancelled by the coaching team, a session credit will be issued against the term fees for the following term.
In the case that a child leaves the club for any reason at the end of that terms session, a refund will be given by CMSAUK LTD for the cancelled session unless in the unfortunate instance, the child has been expelled in which case, no refund will be issued.

Adult Netball Credits

Credits will be redeemed against attendance and can be held in the event of non-attendance.
Session credits will expire 1 year from the date of payment and credits are not transferrable between participants.


We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal items, so we recommend that valuables are left at home.

Behaviour Policy

We want every single child to enjoy themselves, have high self-esteem, respect and care for others and feel safe. Behaviour and safety are central to all we do at CMSAUK LTD.
We encourage children to be caring, responsible, co-operative and polite, and we are committed to creating an atmosphere and environment where all children are offered the best chance to develop and succeed.
There will be rewards for certain children who we feel have been the best behaved, most improved and the player that we feel merits a coach’s award in that particular session. The child will be able to take home the award and must return the award back for the next session as it spoils the chance for another child to receive these awards, if it is not returned.
However, there are times where a child doesn’t follow the guidelines of good behaviour, and sanctions are sometimes necessary to help them.
Sanctions include but are not limited to: a verbal warning, time out (for repeated bad behaviour), exclusion from the lesson, meeting with the child’s parent/guardian, suspension from club activities and in extreme cases expulsion.

Other Issues

I confirm that I will let the coaching team know of any other issues (emotional or physical) that could affect my child’s progress.