Girl shooting ball into netball hoop

About Netball

  • Netball is a ball sport game played on a netball court.
  • It is a team game played with seven players.
  • Each player has a different position.
  • The winning formula for netball is simple – good team-work and the ability to score more goals than the opposition!
  • Although seven players play the game, only two of them are allowed to score goals.

Netball Positions

  • GS (goal shooter) – is allowed to shoot, and only allowed in the goal third.
  • GA (goal attack) – is also allowed to shoot but is allowed in the goal third and centre third.
  • WA (wing attack) – is allowed in the goal third (not goal circle) and centre third, and has to feed the ball into the goal circle.
  • C (centre) – is allowed everywhere apart from the goal circles.  Its job is to move the ball down the court.
  • WD (wing defence) – is allowed in the centre third and goal third (not goal circle).  Marks the WA trying to stop the WA from the getting the ball (defending).
  • GD (goal defence) – is allowed in the goal third, including goal circle and in the centre third.  Marks the GA defending the ball and trying to not let the GA shoot.
  • GK (goal keeper) – is only allowed in the goal third, marking the GS to stop the GS from shooting.

image of girl with netball

What do training sessions involve?

Training sessions consist of a dynamic warm up, a drill and a match that implements the drill that we are working on and a cool down. Depending on time constraints we will work accordingly and adjust where necessary.

There will be rewards for certain children who we feel have been the best behaved, most improved and the player that we feel merits a coach’s award in that particular session. The child will be able to take home the award and must return the award back for the next session as it spoils the chance for another child to receive these awards, if it is not returned.

What we hope to achieve with your children

Each child will be assessed individually (this may take a while) and given key points and guidance in a professional but positive and fun environment.
Children have amazing ability to change their mind set and focus given the right stimulation and setting. We’ve seen it with our own eyes where the lightbulb switches on in their brains and it’s great to see.
We don’t expect miracles – just effort, behaviour and the fact that they enjoy coming to the sessions and are having fun!