“I wish I had known about CMSAUK netball sooner! For someone who hates exercise and going to the gym keeping fit was a real battle. Now I get to keep fit, have fun and have met some really great people along the way. Marc and Chantel are fabulous, they really care about what they do and make it so much fun! I look forward to it every week!”
Vanessa Krell

“6 months ago, a friend asked me (mid baby music class!) if I fancied playing netball that evening. Having not played since school I was anxious for my first game but less than 5 minutes into the game I was ADDICTED! Marc, Chantel and the ladies playing netball were incredibly friendly, supportive and encouraging. Having spent some months in hospital and dealing with a new health issue, Marc and Chantel worked with me to build up my fitness and Marc was great in offering me helpful tips, guidance and to help me work out whether I should be playing attack or defence! They both genuinely want to improve everyone’s game and have everyone’s best interests at heart. My fitness levels have improved in the last 6 months, my mental health has had a boost too, and I genuinely look forward to every game I play. It’s highly addictive, it’s a laugh and a GREAT workout and the highlight of my week! Massive thank you to CMSAUK LTD for all your support and for bringing back my love of the game!”
Jo Howard

“Not sure what I can say as anything I do say won’t do them any justice! Chantal & Marc are the most dedicated people who love nothing more than being with the kids & training them in netball or football or fitness or private tuition. We met them about 1 year ago doing fitness & my 3 children had never played netball – now 1 year later Marc & Chantal have trained my children into amazing confident netball players with such understanding of the game. Nothing is too much for them & it’s my girls favourite day of the week going to netball! Then they have their holiday camps which are on another level! Just FUN FUN FUN! And keep them on the go & busy! I can’t recommend CMSAUK enough!”
Sarah Samuels

“Chantel comes and trains my 9 year old son once a week and teaches him about how his body works and what muscles they work on each week. He absolutely loves it and his fitness and knowledge of the body has come so far! Chantel is wonderful with him, she is so encouraging and has so much patience. Highly recommended.”
Alice Starr

“I started playing netball with CMSAUK about 10 months ago. I hadn’t played netball since I was 11 so was actually really nervous at first. Nearly a year later and netball is now a firm and much loved fixture of my week, playing 2-3 times a week when I can. I have never before found a form of exercise that I enjoy as much. The coaching from Marc is great and every week I feel as though I am slowly improving. A massive bonus has been the other great ladies I’ve met through CMSAUK – it’s always such a laugh and for the first time in my life I am exercising with a smile on my face. Can’t recommend CMSAUK enough!”
Abigail Cohen

“4 weeks ago My daughter just joined this academy for netball, 4 weeks in and she is having so much fun and it’s the best group she has joined in a long time. “Mark and Chantal are unbelievably supportive and communicative. They genuinely care about the kids, the sport, the group and their skills.
I am impressed and don’t say that easily… they have the ingredients for a caring group, yet the level of play is over and above anything my 12 year old daughter has experienced before.
It’s genuinely pushing her to work hard, she is sweating, but happy by the end of the session!
When she hurt her arm ( at school, not during practise) they included her even though she couldn’t join in..
I noticed that they mix up the positions often and encourage each person to do their best, whatever their level, and in this way they are getting the very best out of them.
5 stars all the way..
Thank you Mark and Chantal”
Lisa Morris

“My daughters have both started this term with Chantal and Marc and I can honestly say they are both LOVING their netball training. They both really look forward to going and come out telling me how much they have learnt and how it’s really making a difference already to the way they play at school. I love their enthusiasm and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend netball with CMSAUK.”
Claudine Mark

“I started playing netball nine months ago in a bid to finally try to do some regular exercise! I personally hate running and I’m not the biggest fan of exercise generally. While joining a new team can be a little daunting by my second game I felt right at home and now nine months in I am full on addicted to the incredible feeling I get after running 5k during an hour of netball. The group of girls who play are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long time and the coach, Marc is really knowledgeable, encouraging and makes the hour great fun! I can’t recommend CMSAUK enough!”
Claire Goldsmith

“Highly recommend CMSAUK. A truly enjoyable way to exercise and burn calories. Great mix of ages and abilities, it really doesn’t matter how fit you are or what size you are. Chantel and Marc have created something really special, the magic of playing a great sport in a supportive, encouraging and fun environment. There is a real team spirit with just the right amount of competitiveness to develop self believe and skill.
For me the best thing is that I don’t realise I’m doing exercise, I just know that I don’t seem as out of breath anymore I’m having fun and bonding with lovely people. #thisisnetball”
Katie Sims