Club Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Club Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Chantel & Marc’s Sports Academy Ltd adopts and implements England Netball policies, including the Sports Equality Policy, in their entirety.

Sports Equality Policy

This policy addresses the issue of fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them.  The aim is for England Netball and its members to drive change throughout the sport of netball to ensure it becomes equally accessible to everyone.

Chantel & Marc’s Sports Academy Ltd Statement

The Club is fully committed to the principle of the Sports Equality Policy.  We are responsible as a committee, coaches and volunteers to oversee behaviours, policies and processes to ensure that no member of The Club receives unfavourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background – including financial mean, sexual preference or political belief.

Black Lives Matter

England Netball, together with many netball league organisations and netball clubs, issued statements in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign.  The link to the EN statement, for information, is here:

Chantel & Marc’s Sports Academy Ltd reaffirms its support for the EN statement and to kicking racism out of the game. As a club we will continue to listen, plan and focus our development efforts on how we, as individuals, within a club can challenge our own behaviours and on how The Club, as a whole, can encourage and support cultural and behaviour change within netball.

Codes of Conduct

Chantel & Marc’s Sports Academy Ltd is committed to everyone having the right to participate in and enjoy their sport in a safe environment free from the threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse.

We expect all members (committee, volunteers, coaches, umpires, players and parents) to sign up to and abide by Club Codes of Conduct.  All members have a responsibility to highlight and oppose discriminatory behaviour, and to promote equality of opportunity.

Any incident of discriminatory behaviour will be taken seriously and dealt with according to Club disciplinary procedures.